Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

The EloGroup Way of approaching Diversity & Inclusion

We are a company that unlocks the potential of individuals and organizations. We know that this is only possible through diverse perspectives, varied experiences, genuine connections, and, above all, respect, and appreciation for diverse characteristics.

At EloGroup, we recognize the importance of a more diverse, safe, welcoming, inclusive, and prejudice-free environment. That’s why we work on our culture every day and make Diversity & Inclusion one of our fundamental pillars.

We aim to be a company where all individuals can truly be themselves, have access to fair opportunities, and express their identity, gender, sexual orientation, social class, race, ethnicity, disabilities, and all other characteristics that make each person unique.

We are aware of our responsibility and understand that this is a long and ongoing journey. But, as EloGroupers, we love a challenge, and that’s why we are willing to listen, learn, and create a chain of positive impacts we want to see in the world.

Para o mês do orgulho LGBTQIA+, nosso grupo de afinidade ELOGBT+ elaborou a segunda edição do Guia da Pessoa Aliada, que traz conceitos, direcionamentos, comportamentos e práticas que toda pessoa aliada da diversidade deve conhecer e exercer no dia a dia da nossa empresa.

Our Commitment


Even though we are certain that diversity encompasses everything that makes each individual unique, it is crucial to define priority identity groups to focus on the creation and revision of processes and structures.

The selection of these five groups is strategic and based on internal diagnosis as well as a study of the main challenges faced by the Brazilian population.

It’s worth noting that we will always strive to work with these groups in an intersectional manner, and despite the necessary choices, it doesn’t preclude actions from being taken for other minority groups.

Building a company with people that reflect the ethnic-racial distribution of Brazilian society at all levels of the hierarchical pyramid, while valuing an environment that respects and values all races.

Target profile: Black people​

Leveraging professional development for individuals coming from socioeconomically vulnerable situations so they can unlock their potential and contribute to the building of a more just and equitable society.​

Target profile: Individuals from socioeconomically vulnerable backgrounds​

Promoting gender equity in terms of challenges and opportunities that enhance the career growth of women, with the goal of increasing the proportion of women in leadership positions, especially in senior leadership, and ensuring a safe environment for all.​

Target profile: Women (specially mothers)​

Promoting opportunities for all individuals, regardless of their sex, gender identity or expression, and sexual orientation, as well as ensuring a safe, respectful, and welcoming space.​

Target profile: LGBTQIA+ community people​

Raise awareness and sensitivity to the challenges faced by people with disabilities, instituting management practices and adapting structures to make EloGroup a more open, inclusive, safe, respectful, and accessible company for EloGroupers, clients, and others.​

Target profile: People with disabilities

Our values

A connection beyond reason. We should have a humanized outlook on diversity and connect with each focusing on sentiments and feelings first.
Treat equals equally and unequals unequally in exact proportion of their inequalities to ensure that all individuals have access to opportunities.
Make people feel valued, welcome and included in our company so they can be themselves and thus reach their full potential.
Maintain safe and respectful spaces for exchange, where all individuals can share their experiences, their points of view, and their perspectives, if they do not harm anyone's existence.
Reflect the diversity characteristic of our country in all areas of operation, offices, and hierarchical levels.
Privilege is not about blame, it's about responsibility. All individuals share the responsibility for building a more diverse and inclusive company.
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Our Metrics

We know that we can only reach our true potential when we bring together diverse perspectives, points of view, and experiences, and engage in genuine exchanges.

Here at EloGroup, data on D&I are collected regularly, feeding dashboards that house key indicators for our strategy. 

Below, we present some of them to reaffirm our public commitment to transformation. 

Representativity of EloGroupers

are people with disabilities​
0 %
are black individuals​
0 %
are from a socially disadvantaged background
0 %
are women​
0 %
are from the LGBTQIA+ community
0 %

Representation of EloGroup leaders

are people with disabilities​
0 %
are black individuals
0 %
are from a socially disadvantaged background​
0 %
are women
0 %
are from the LGBTQIA+ community​
0 %

And to take the first steps towards our Diversity & Inclusion-related goals and create a real impact in people's lives, we have developed the EloGroup+ program. Which aims to create the ideal conditions for our company to become increasingly diverse, more inclusive, more human, more connected, and more impactful.

What our leadership thinks

“EloGroup+ is an important milestone for D&I in our company because it is through it that we will collaboratively carry out more strategic actions, create real value for people, and establish the structures that will enable us to geenerate even more positive impact for EloGroupers and society as a whole."

Gabriel Leví
Diversity & Inclusion Leader

"Unlocking people's potential starts with us as a company, ensuring that they can be who they are, expressing their characteristics and subjectivities freely. With this program, we aim to create a space where we can learn from each other, valuing differences, because that's how we can broaden our horizons, grow collectively, and ensure we are delivering the right value to each individual."

Joanna Gussen
Head of People & Culture

"More than just a program, EloGroup+ is a commitment to people. It's a commitment that starts with the people in our company and creates a positive spiral that reverberates throughout society. I know we have a long journey ahead to become a more diverse and inclusive company, but I also know that it's our responsibility, as EloGroupers, to be intentional and active in this process of learning and changing."

Rafael Clemente
Founder and CEO

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