Strategically Digital

Apache NiFi and AWS Cognito in the context of a data-driven culture

Apache NiFi is an open source data processing and orchestration tool designed to facilitate the movement of information between different systems in real time. Because it is highly scalable and fault-tolerant, it is suitable for dealing with large volumes of data in distributed environments.

Delving into the creation of personas in B2B

Personas help organizations understand their customers, thus creating more precise, personalized and effective strategies. Applying personas can also be done in the B2B reality, creating more valuable, personalized and lasting customer relationships.

Industry 4.0: digital transformation at industrial level

The second and final article in the introductory series on Industry 4.0 delves into the challenges of digital transformation within the industrial sector. The granularity of machinery data and the vertical integration of systems are points that organizations need to work on.

Industry 4.0: technology as an enabler

Brazilian industry is maturing in its adoption of new digital technologies such as advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and robotization. Unlocking the potential of these enabling technologies requires using them as a lens to observe opportunities in different contexts.

The importance of the Analytics Centre of Excellence

It is essential to organize, optimize and standardize Advanced Analytics processes in order to boost companies’ profits. A CoE is linked to the dissemination and orientation of the test and learn mindset and to valuing talent in data science careers.

10 steps towards a successful transformation

A continuous cycle that helps maintain competitiveness and involves changes in processes, people and technology. We have listed 10 actions and points of view for a transformation with purpose and solid foundations.